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Fav Quotes

"They all want to marry me" ~ Josh
"Fans come and go - But Grobanites are forever!!" ~ Lexxa  
"I am not a grobanite, but I dont think you can be a grobanite if you are the king of Grobania" ~ Josh
"I still like to keep all the love songs for the Grobanites, I like to make sure that they know those are just for them." ~ Josh

I've been playing the piano for 12 years and Im the pianist at my church. I am working on my Italian and Spanish. I am a shy person but if you wait for me, I'll open up.
I am going to be graduating high school in May. I dont know what I am going to do with my life yet but I have dreams! I just found some college courses online for music and plan on taking them this winter.
I haven't met Josh yet but that is a matter of time because I WILL meet him before I die!
imageQuanto Ti Amo, Josh! image

youtube username is SDGrobanite. image

My Grobies and Partners in Crime :P

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